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Welcome to Albina Community Bank!

Looking for a local, full-service community bank in Portland?  Welcome to Albina - where we’ve been committed to the Portland area for over 20 years!  At Albina, we have a specific mission to invest in the individuals, the families, the businesses and the neighborhoods of Portland.  As a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we have a mission to increase economic opportunity and promote community development. Lots of banks say they are committed to the community - but Albina actually does it.  Consistently.  Check out our Community Impact Scorecard to see the difference a banking relationship with Albina can make.

The Great American Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross the continental United States from the Oregon Coast to Charleston, South Carolina.  The last time a total eclipse crossed the United States was June 8, 1918!  In the US, millions are expected to gather to experience the passing of the moon directly between the Sun and Earth.  While this will be a truly historic event, a little advanced planning can make a big difference in your enjoyment of one of nature’s most stunning displays!    
  • Expect road delays, especially on the freeways and roads leading into and out of the path of totality.  Make sure you are prepared for delays on the road; fill your car with gas, have water on hand, etc.
  • Plan for your basic needs such as food, water, prescription medications, cash, etc. Make sure that you have plenty of these items on hand BEFORE the weekend of the eclipse.
  • If you are planning to view the eclipse, make certain your eclipse glasses or viewers meet eye safety standards by purchasing them from reputable vendors. The American Astronomical Society has posted a list of reputable vendors here.
  • Keep current on traffic, safety, and other local eclipse information by watching the news on TV, listening to the radio, and reading local newspapers and periodicals.
  • Click here to find great information on the eclipse.

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